Legal entity

Operating since 2011, ArcaPay Ltd is a company incorporated in London, United Kingdom. Our company number is 07762021, registered address: 35-37 Ludgate Hill, Office 7, London, EC4M 7JN, United Kingdom. We have offices in London, United Kingdom and Vilnius, Lithuania.

Regulatory authorisation

ArcaPay Ltd is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 (reference number: 670226) for the provision of payment services. With passporting rights across all European Union countries, our company details can also be found on public registers maintained by other local regulators (e.g. Lithuania, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden) .

Security of client funds

Ensuring the safety and security of your money is central to our business. Regulatory obligations require ArcaPay to segregate clients’ funds from our own. This arrangement warrants that in the unlikely event of liquidation, funds are appropriately safeguarded and promptly returned to clients.


We are fully committed to prevent money laundering and financial crimes. ArcaPay Ltd is licensed and supervised by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) as a Money Services Business (license number XBML00000150442). We thus adhere to the regulatory standards set out by this governmental institution. Our compliance procedures are periodically tested, independently audited and reinforced by ongoing training of all members of staff.

Data protection

ArcaPay Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (registration number Z3642525). We never share your data with third parties unless forced to do so by law.

Digital security

Any data entered on our website is encrypted using the SSL protocol, making it secure and anonymous. Other preventative security measures include our verification procedures and a 2-step login. These are specifically designed to protect your account from unauthorised access.


We are always happy to provide references from existing clients. Please ask and we will do our best to put you in touch with a company in a similar field of business like yours.

Financial institution details

Our Bank Identifier Code (BIC, also known as SWIFT code) is ARPYGB21. As a company that engages in financial transactions, we have also been issued the following Legal Entity Identifier (LEI): 549300ERHJE9WU0EIK44.

Next steps

You can create an account for your business in just a couple of minutes. If you would like to to find out more about our services, please leave your contact details and our representative will get in touch on the same business day to discuss your requirements in greater detail.