Why choose ArcaPay for your business?

Efficient cross-border payments and foreign exchange


No account or international payment fees

Acting as a network of local and regional payment systems worldwide, we make cross-border payments free of charge


Excellent exchange rates

By aggregating and netting our client flows, we can offer you the most competitive exchange rates


Fast delivery

We guarantee that your payment reaches recipient no later than the next business day


24/7 online

You can book transactions online at any time that suits you

How it works

Send money in 3 simple steps

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Book your transaction

Check live currency exchange rate using our calculator and submit recipient’s details

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Make a local payment

Make a local payment to ArcaPay bank account using your online banking

transaction completed

Transaction completed

Upon receipt of your funds, we will make a local payment to the recipient no later than the next business day

Safety and Security

We follow strict regulatory standards to move your funds safely and securely


Licensed by

HM Revenue & Customs (No. XBML00000150442)


Serving clients since 2011


Compliant with the

Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation


Using secure technology with data encryption


Geographical coverage

We cover a wide range of countries and currencies.

Our team is ready to assist you. Get in touch if you have any questions or simply give our service a go!